Reliance corporation offering scholorships for post graduation|6Lakhs|enroll soon

Reliance corporation offering scholorships for post graduation |2023 /2022|6Lakhs|apply soon

Reliance foundation post graduate schlrship :

  •  Reliance Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships aim to nurture world-class talent that will help power India‚Äôs new era of growth. Reliance Foundation will identify and support 100 of India’s brightest postgraduate students with a generous grant award and a strong development programme, nurturing future leaders who can think big, think green, think digital for the benefit of society.
  • First-year postgraduate students from institutes across India pursuing degree programmes in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Sciences, Mathematics and Computing, Electrical and/or Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Renewable and New Energy, Material Science & Engineering and Life Sciences are eligible to apply. Reliance Foundation Scholarships will nurture and support these bright students with a holistic development programme, including expert interactions, industry exposure and volunteering opportunities creating a cohort of excellence, every year.

Schlorship features :

  • Nurturing India’s future leaders who can think big, think green, think digital for the benefit of society.
  • The Reliance Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships will identify and select the best and brightest students in India through a rigorous and competitive selection process.
  • We welcome applicants from all socio-economic backgrounds and scholarships will be granted on the basis of merit.
  • Up to 100 postgraduate scholars will be selected.
  • The total amount of scholarship available over the duration of the degree programme, will be up to Rs/INR 6 Lakhs.
  • 80% of the funds will be granted in advance at the start of each academic year, to use for tuition and direct academic expenses. The remaining 20% of the funds will be granted upon request to support professional development, including indirect academic and personal development expenses, including conference related expenses.
  • Scholars will also benefit from additional engagement and development activities (including the chance to attend talks and workshops with leading global experts, opportunities to apply for mentoring/internships, volunteering opportunities, a strong alumni network and more), and will join a vibrant community of scholars that will be at the forefront of creating and building a new India.
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Application selection process :

  • Applications for the 2022-2023 scholarships to be closed on 14th February 2023
  • 1) Eligibility Questionnaire :
  • To apply, students need to first fill the eligibility questionnaire in our website:
  • 2) Application Form :
  • Students fill and submit applications through our Application Portal:
  • Personal, Academic and Extra-curricular details
  • Two Letters of Reference: One that attests to your academic capabilities and one that attests to your character and leadership traits
  • Academic/ Prof. Info
  • Two Essays: Personal Statement and Statement of Purpose
  • Supporting Documents
  • 3) Aptitude Test :
  • All applicants to answer the online aptitude test
  • Test duration will be 60 mins and will contain 60 Multiple Choice Questions
  • 4) Evaluation Stage :
  • Components of the test include verbal ability, analytical and logical ability and numerical ability
  • Applications will be evaluated by an expert panel of industry experts, academicians and leaders in the field
  • 5) Interview Stage :
  • Interview preparation webinars will be conducted for all candidates
  • Interviews will be held virtually by the expert panel
  • 6) Selection :
  • Up to 100 scholars
  • All candidates will be evaluated on the basis of merit


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