JSSC Unveils JIS(CKHT)CCE-2023 Backlog Vacancy: A Gateway to Equal Opportunities

Jharkhand, [11/7/2023]JSSC Unveils JIS (CKHT) CCE-2023 Backlog Vacancy: A Gateway to Equal Opportunities

The Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission (JSSC) has officially released the advertisement for the JIS(CKHT)CCE-2023 Backlog Vacancy, which is an important step toward encouraging diversity and providing equal chances in government jobs. This announcement has been met with great enthusiasm and expectation, as it represents a new era of opportunity for candidates from a wide range of backgrounds.

The JIS(CKHT)CCE-2023 Backlog Vacancy is a unique project aimed at addressing the backlog of unfilled posts in various government ministries. These posts have been unfilled for a long time, and this recruitment drive is intended to not just address the problem but also to increase diversity in the state’s workforce.

JSSC Brochure of JIS (CKHT) CCE-2023 (Backlog vacancy)

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