ZINFI Recruitment 2024: Software Engineer |Any Graduate | Kolkata, @India

ZINFI Recruitment 2024 is seeking Software Engineers in Kolkata, India. This opportunity is open to graduates from any discipline. Join ZINFI to advance your career in software engineering within a dynamic and innovative environment.

Job description

  • Become a go-to expert in one area of the codebase; understand the broad architecture of the entire system.
  • Eventually, provides technical advice and weighs in on technical decisions that impact other teams or the company at large. Research and propose modern technologies.
  • Scopes and stages work into well-defined milestones to avoid a monolithic deliverable.
  • Regularly delivers software on time and is constantly working to make accurate estimates and delivers those estimates.
  • Known for drama-free launches.
  • Owns the technical testing and performance plan for their initiatives.
  • Takes initiative to identify and solve important problems, coordinating with others on crosscutting technical issues.
  • Sets direction at the project/service level and consistently influences decision-making at the Module level.
  • Identifies and proactively tackles technical debt before it grows into debt that requires significant up-front work to resolve.
  • Makes others better through code reviews and thorough documentation.

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